Jul 17 2010

I’m back!

I was recently reminded that I do, in fact, have a blog. And at one time it was useful for me to document the trials and tribulations of my teaching career by posting the hilarious things my ninth-graders did in said blog. So here’s my attempt to return to the wonderful world of blogging.

A lot changed my second year. I was relaxed, for one. I began to actually love my job, my kids, my life. I read and watched TV and went out with my friends and generally had a great time.

And, perhaps most surprisingly of all, I decided that maybe teaching is for me.

So I’m staying.

For a while, at least. I’ve committed to Amistad/Elm City High School, a high-performing charter school here in New Haven. I’ll be teaching math and chemistry, which I think will offer me a unique set of challenges but also will provide an incredible opportunity for me to develop as a teacher in ways that I simply couldn’t at my placement school. The staff at AECHS is incredibly supportive, and I am incredibly lucky to be in my position, but I can’t help consider my impact at my placement school – what if I’d stayed? The school is being completely reformed next year, and the new principal wants to make it the example of the change an urban high school can make. I wonder sometimes if I’m being selfish. I wonder if my former students will miss me when I’m gone. I wonder if I’ve actually made any difference at all for them.

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